About Frigel

The Frigel group is made up of Italian and foreign companies whose purpose is the design, production, installation, sales and service of systems & solutions for process cooling and temperature control used to control temperatures of industrial processes.

Frigel products and solutions are designed to fit specific cooling and temperature control requirements of several industries, such as Plastic & Rubber, Food & Beverage, Power Generation & Transmission, Data Centers, Chemical & Pharma, Metals, and others.

Frigel has matured in-depth knowledge of thermodynamic requirements in these industrial processes, allowing it to design “application-tailored” equipment and systems, to suit the peculiarities and needs of each specific application.

Four key factors are driving the design of optimal solutions for each Customer, namely productivity, efficiency, sustainability and reliability.

Frigel Purpose is that of “Engineering a more efficient and sustainable industry”

Frigel Vision is to “Be a global innovator of high performance, sustainable and quality engineered solutions for process cooling and temperature control technologies”.





Cooling systems have a decisive influence on your business and the environment around us. Improve your competitiveness and respect the environment with Intelligent Process Cooling Systems.

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