We are delighted to present our completed project in Gabon, which involved the installation and configuration of three FILTEC quality inspection systems:

📢 Announcement of project completed in Gabon 🇬🇦

1) OMNIVISION3 System: This empty bottle inspection system provides comprehensive inspection of the entire surface of transparent containers. With a capacity of up to 1400 units per minute, it accurately detects foreign bodies and defects in the base, sidewall, and finish of empty bottles. With its powerful and fast image processing technology, this system ensures optimal quality of empty containers.

2) Vision Fill Level System: This automated artificial vision system is specifically designed for bottling lines operating at speeds of up to 1200 bottles per minute (BPM). It performs precise inspection of bottle filling levels at the exit of the filling and closing system. Thus, it ensures that only properly filled bottles are shipped to consumers. With its advanced optical technology and cutting-edge electronics, this system ensures impeccable filling quality.

3) INTELLECT LABEL System: This 360-degree vision label inspection system ensures comprehensive verification of labels applied to our clients' products. It inspects the presence, tilt, position, and other compliance criteria of the labels.

For any further information or to discuss your quality inspection needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to support you in your future projects and provide solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

We would like to thank our client in Gabon for their trust and collaboration throughout this project. Their commitment to quality and willingness to invest in advanced technologies are the driving forces behind our mutual success.